Explore the World of Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs and Treasures!


For 3,000 years, Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt.  No other civilization is shrouded in such mystery and intrigue.  Now you can explore this long-vanished world.  Visit the Arkansas Arts Center and see the monumental exhibition World of the of the Pharaohs: Treasures of Egypt Revealed, presented by Harriet and Warren Stephens, Stephens Inc.  No other exhibition tells so much about life, living, and death in ancient Egypt. You will see more than 200 objects that have defined the history of Egypt and dramatically exemplify the rich and diverse characteristics of one of the world’s great civilizations. A visit to the exhibition is a rare opportunity to examine the people, language, art, land and mystery of ancient Egypt. Buy tickets to the exhibition World of the Pharaohs. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Egyptian treasures on view here in Little Rock, Arkansas.


I encourage parents to take their children to this exhibit.  It is truly a tremendous oppurtunity for young students to see history up close.  I am rewarding bonus points to any student who attends and brings back some kind of documentation of his or her visit.  For more information visit http://pharaoh.arkarts.com/.